​Gustavo cars

A Skoda which Gustavo designed in 1998 for the foundation „Artists help“ to the benefit of the cystic fibrosis charity program of former federal presidents wife Christiane Herzog. Since 13 years Gustavo dedicates artwork to the organisation, and his works attain great sums at the auctions realized by the Lions Club. Numerous artists have followed his example. In 2007, Gustavo was renowned for his dedication towards children, which is only one of his commitments.
(lower right: ) A Beetle painted by Gustavo for the sportive charity organisation “Clean Winners” founded by German ex-tennis star Charly Steeb; the car was auctioned on a charity in 2002.

El Beetle pintado por Gustavo se exhibe en Capdepera
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Un 'Beetle' pintado por Gustavo
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