Everything is ready, and Gustavo's exhibition "Gracias Berlin" at Schloss Biesdorf awaits its visitors from Sunday, 28 November, the opening day between 10 am and 9 pm.

Gustavo in Berlin
“One day, in the mid-seventies, as a still young but already mature artist, Gustavo moved to Berlin, from where he intensified the rhythm of his plastic experiences and his travels, which took him almost around the whole world.
This decision openly proclaims his pro-European attitude with a vocation of citizen of the world.
Meanwhile, he remains tied to Majorca as with an umbilical cord, something that is very important for is work.
In Berlin, he also lives in close contact with nature, as he has always done. If not close to the ocean, he is at least close to some lakes.
Throughout his time in Berlin, he goes to the art house Bethanien every day, realizing one print work after the other up to the point of exhaustion. He refines his technique, increases its dimension and creates genuinely notable pieces which turn into treasured items of art collectors. He paints murals and makes his name in the city, even having imitators. Furthermore, he identifies with the city, and with the German language, which he speaks fluently with the same vertiginous speed as Spanish, French and Majorcan. His art continues its refining process, banishes some torturing ghosts, renounces the support of more or less Freudian obsessions, and he produces a testimonial and optimistic artwork, painting-sculpture and also definitive sculpture, as if coming from the centre of a jungle that at one time was the impulse of civilization.”

These lines are a translation from Spanish of a text by the writer, painter and art critic Antoni Fernández Molina, a fragment of his book Arte Español Contemporáneo (Contemporary Spanish Art), in this case about Gustavo, where on page 17 he talks about Gustavo’s time in Berlin.
(Edition No. 44, published in 1987)

Gustavo, now 82 years old, would like to use this exhibition, which Schloss Biesdorf offers to him, to thank Berlin for the wonderful opportunity and acceptance through which he was able to realize his characteristic art and to leave traces - with many colours and his cheerful figures in your houses, apartments and even on buildings. Today, Gustavo thanks you all!

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