Last Sunday, 28 November, the exhibition "Thank you Berlin" by the international artist Gustavo opened at Schloss Biesdorf to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gustavo's first exhibition in Berlin.
Despite the pandemic, and the current situation of the German city for that reason, the exhibition was inaugurated with great public success, more than 300 people attended it, and it is expected that during the three months that the exhibition lasts, many curious and art lovers will visit the rooms full of colour and joy of the Schloss Biesdorf Castle.
Gustavo could not attend the opening so as not to compromise his health, considering that he is about to celebrate his 83rd birthday on 11 April. He hopes to be able to go back in March to celebrate Finissage and to personally thank the city of Berlin, which has welcomed him for so many years and still shows its affection for him with exhibitions such as this one, which brings together more than 70 of Gustavo's artworks including paintings, sculptures, serigraphs, etc.
During these months, different activities are planned around the exhibition: guided tours, workshops, etc.
Thank you Berlin.


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