Espai GUSTAVO. A dream come true. 
On Sunday 8th December the doors opened to the public and the official opening was on 22nd January 2020, the new art gallery: Espai GUSTAVO.
Everyone who passes by the old Can Ángel oven, calle Mayor nº 10 in Capdepera, can see that the GUSTAVO space has been opened, an art gallery in the heart of Capdepera.
In the GUSTAVO space you can find a permanent exhibition of Gustavo's latest productions as well as silk screen prints, sculptures and other objects of his signature.
More than an art gallery, the artist's desire is for it to be a living, dynamic centre. Every month there is a free guided tour in German given by en Gustavo's daughter, the journalist Bettina, and there are also simple cultural activities surrounding the work.
Careful to the last detail, entering the gallery is a pleasure where you can recreate yourself with the grotesque characters in absurd situations of every size and format. From silk-screen prints, oil paintings and sculptures to cups, wine bottles, magnets, puzzles and any gustatory object you can imagine near Can Patilla where you like to go for a snack and chat with people.
In short, the old town of Capdepera is gaining a large exhibition space. Big because of the spaciousness of the gallery and big because of the works on display. When the tendency is for the shops in the old town to close. When the tendency is for the art galleries to close...,Gustavo, as always, against the tide, opens the first private art space in Capdepera becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 80.

Monday - Friday 10:30 - 13 h / 17 - 19 h
Saturday 11 - 13 h
Carrer Mayor 10, Capdepera.
Tel. + WhatsApp Bs: +34 971 677 973